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Never Too Late

by Kay~Kacey on 5/22/2009

So, I might be a baby boomer, but I decided it’s never too late to have a new career, right? Remember back awhile ago when I talked about starting up a portrait photography business? I even shared some shots from a photo shoot I went on with some other local photographers.

Now I first learned on a film SLR camera right after college…so it’s been a long time. But I never really, really took off with it until I bought a digital SLR a few years ago. I do love photographing almost everything I see…as evidenced by the variety on this blog. But I’ve found that I truly enjoy photographing people.

So, resolutely putting aside my age…I decided to purse a new career. Portrait Photography. I’ve been busy setting up all the legal side of it. Licensing & registering with the state. Setting up sales tax stuff. Getting insurance. Building up my portfolio. Figuring out pricing, contracts, model releases, Etc, etc.

So, now is the time where you chime in and say it’s never too late to start a new career, okay? I could use a bit of support here!

I, of course, will let you know when I go live. But in the mean time…look at this…

My first junk mail addressed to my new company! :toofunny:

I guess I’m almost official, huh?? 😉