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I Shouldn’t Be So Excited

by Kay~Kacey on 11/18/2010

Really, you’d think I wouldn’t be so excited about this…

skylight removal

Yes, it looks ugly…and wonderful…well at least to me. We finally had the skylights removed in my office. You remember them? The ones that leak all the time no matter what we did to them? Like when hurricane Ike practically took out my office?  I no longer have to do this when I think it’s going to rain:


So happy!

boarded up skylight

Of course, SuperGuy isn’t as happy as I am…’cause he’s going to have to now redo the ceiling and paint it. :mrgreen:

Oh, and Kate? Just for you…after I wrestled with updating my WordPress install…for two days…I added some more smilies! This one is my new fav :hysterical:

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