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Traveling Disaster

by Kay~Kacey on 7/15/2008

So I’ve been obsessively checking looking at the San Francisco weather. You know, in preparation for my trip there this week for the Blogher Conference. The weather is going to be high of 65, low of 55… 😯 That is NOT summer weather!!

summer storm

I’m going to have to go dig out a sweater and jacket to wear. At least it’s going to be sunny! It’s 60 degrees right now in San Francisco… As opposed to here in the midwest where it’s 89 degrees…which is a cool down. The first few days of the trip we’re going to Carmel…which will be a balmy 70 degrees 😉

Oh, you’re wondering why this post is called Traveling Disaster? Well, it’s like this. We seem to bring natural disasters to where ever we’re planning on traveling. Like New Orleans when they evacuated for Hurricane Ivan, and believe it or not, we were headed there again when Katrina hit. My friends now call me and make sure I don’t have travel plans to where ever they are headed to… :wallbash: At least the forest fires are dying down around Carmel now. 🙄 I’m hoping we don’t have an earthquake while we’re there… knock on wood.

Anyone have any “don’t miss” suggestions for San Francisco? I haven’t been since I was in 8th grade… Places to eat? Things to do and see? You know, with my sweater and jacket on…