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More New Construction Photos

by Kay~Kacey on 8/24/2012

Things are moving along nicely at our new house…want to see??

grey siding

We have siding on most of the house. This nice grey/taupe/beige color, depending on the light hitting it.

back of houseHere is the back of the house. We’re going to have a big old deck on the back of the house.

front porchMy wonderful front porch with the cute little octagonal pantry window. :heart:  The porch will have a nice white railing along the front. And my front door? Red, of course. Just like my red door in St. Louis!

Oh, and they are really coming along with the lower level now too! Isn’t it wonderful with all the windows? This is the view you get as you walk down the fabulous open stairway:

lower level view

SuperGuy has his eye on the space to the right for a pool table…we’ll see 😉

Since I took these pictures they primed the whole house, and they tinted the primer in the Benjamin Moore Pashmina (the first color in that linked blog post). So relieved that we love, love that color on the walls! This next week they are putting down the under layment board thingies for the floor, the cabinets are being delivered and the trim man is coming to do some of that work. Oh, and the tile is getting put down too! Exciting. I’ll have more photos to show soon.