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Freak Snow Storm

by Kay~Kacey on 2/19/2008

So yesterday we had this freak snow storm. I mean really freaky. The sun is out, and SuperGuy calls me on his way to work. “I’m driving through snow so thick I can’t see the road.” “Yeah, right” “Honest, and it’s headed your way.” So I’m wondering what he had in his coffee cup that morning because there is blue sky and sunshine out my office window.

Ten minutes later I look up and see what looks like a cloud of smoke advancing across the woods behind the house. The sun goes under. It turns dark. Then bam. This.
snow storm
I slowed down the shutter speed to try and catch the effect of the snow here.
snowy cardinals

But I was safely ensconced in my nice office.
snowy reflection ball

It maybe lasted 10 minutes. Tops. Got like 1/4 inch of snow in that time. Which is a lot for that short of time. They were calling it a snownado on the radio… 🙄 Anyway, not soon after, the sun came out, the sky was blue with fluffy clouds. The sky actually looked like a summer’s day sky. Should have grabbed a pic of that! Anyway, it was one freaky snow storm!


Got your attention? Had lots of fun with the black and white challenge. I decided that I’m going to start a photo of the month challenge. It will work like this. By the last day of each month, send me a link to the post that has your best photo shot of the month. You can use the Contact button at the top of my web page, or email me using my email address from a comment on your blog. Put photo of the month in the subject line.

On the last day of the month, I’ll post the photos here if you don’t mind me swiping them from your blog post. (I might have to resize them to fit my blog, but I won’t crop them or anything) I think this will be fun. We’ll get to see some great pics we might have missed during the month. You can tell me why you picked that photo and I’ll put that here too. If you have more than one photo on a post, make sure to tell me which one you liked the best. So start looking through your pics! I’ll remind you guys during the last week of the month. Anyone up for this?

edited to add: Name your photo too!