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The Great Lawn Mower Escapade

by Kay~Kacey on 5/13/2009

So ever since The Geeky One ran away from home bought his own house, he’s been using our lawn mower. “We” throw it into the truck and haul it over to his house when The Geeky One needs to mow his yard. Then a few days later SuperGuy decides he needs to mow our yard, so “we” go back and get the lawn mower. It exhausts me I tell you. All that watching them haul it back and forth. A woman can only take so much stress, don’t ‘cha know! :crazy:

So one day, The Geeky One and I decide to go steal borrow a lawn mower from an unnamed victim person. We conveniently waiting until unnamed person was out of town. I’m tricky that way…


So we take the-little-Suby-who-could over to our unnamed location, convinced we can cram put the lawn mower in the back of the Subaru.

sneak the lawn mower
We carefully extract the lawn mower from its old home. Maneuvering past the red car with only one little scratch to it with no damage to the cute, unscratched, I swear, red car.

borrow some gas
Then we decide as long as we were there, we’d borrow some gas too! Don’t tell! :secret:

see it does fit!

See!! It does fit! I told you so!! My little Suby can do anything!

crank the lawn mower

The lawnmower was a bit stubborn though, once we finally got it to The Geeky One’s home. I provided great assistance with getting it started…  :dance:

Finally the sucker cranked over.

mowing the driveway

Sigh. Now if I can just convince The Geeky One that he needs to mow his yard, not the driveway:mrgreen: