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Ever So Helpful

by Kay~Kacey on 3/24/2009

The Geeky One is ALWAYS read to help out his mom. 🙄 Okay, so I had to promise to take him and The Adorable Girlfriend out to eat in order to practice some more studio shots. But, whatever it takes, I say.


Does the phrase “he’s just not that into you” come to mind here??

How Much Longer Will This Take?
How much longer will this take??

Yes, a very patient son. He’s even corrupted The Adorable Girlfriend…


Ah, well, I swear I only took photos for a few minutes, not the hours they thought it took!
They are a totally adorable couple though, aren’t they??Seriously? :love2: (I’m totally bummed I chopped off the bottom of her hand though. :wallbash: And The Geeky One has some kind of fading vacation tan color going on on his face. Must work on that in photoshop when I have some time.)

Anyone else want to drop by and be a victim cheerful helper? (Notice I have a LOT of the cheerful helper thing going on this week!)