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Hi, honey, I’m home! (version 207)

by Kay~Kacey on 9/25/2010

We’re back! So good to be back in my space, but I had a fantastic time. I think everyone should take 2 week vacations! On a one week vacation, I feel like we’re just starting to unwind, and it’s time to come home.

I’ll be posting more photos this week…but for now, I’ll leave you with this monumental decision that SuperGuy and I came to on vacation…


Yuengling Tradition Lager is a great, wonderful, fantastic beer.

Yuengling Light?? — not so much. 😥

(We spent our time analyzing many of the wonders of the universe…)

As an aside: yes, my darling oldest son, we brought you two 12’s of Yuengling. The real kind, not the fake light stuff. :love:


Am I Worth 99 Cents?

by Kay~Kacey on 10/20/2009

Okay, The Photography One, The Geeky One and his Adorable Girlfriend, and a bunch of friends are on a trip in Mexico. Have I heard one word from them?


Am I not worth 99 cents for one quick minute to let me know they are okay? Mexico is not the safest place to travel these days.  Not to mention they were going to go do that zip line stuff. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I think it involves heights, and swing from tree to tree? Sigh. Well, they were alive a few days ago, because The Adorable Girlfriend posted on Facebook that she was at the edge of the ocean, sipping a beer. She is now my favorite…

Yes, I know, they are adults. (Is male adult an oxymoron??) :crazy:

Well, I hope they are having fun and get back home safely…and I hope The Adorable Girlfriend posts on Facebook again.

In the column of terrible mother…I have NO IDEA where they are in Mexico. How bad a mother am I??? I have a link of where they were GOING to go…but then they changed their minds and booked somewhere else. S-O-M-E-W-H-E-R-E.  I sooth my guilt by knowing I could call The Adorable Girlfriend’s mom and SHE is a good mother. I’m positive she knows where my babies are…


Remember When I Asked Your Advice

by Kay~Kacey on 9/14/2009

Remember? I asked your advice about vacationing in The Outer Banks?  Well, thank you for all the hints and advice about the different areas. Guess where we are right this very minute?


Ah, yes. We rented a place on Hatteras Island, a bit south of Avon. A quieter part of OBX. We like that. A. Lot.


Why, yes…that is how many people we see on the beach today, why do you ask?? :love:


We rented this house, which is a bit, just a tad, overkill for just SuperGuy and I. :dance:

We wanted a house right on the beach, and there aren’t such things as small cottages on the beach in this area. BTW, hint…rent in off season! We can spend more in downtown Chicago for a weekend than a week’s rental off season in this area of OBX!

The weather has been wonderful. Sunny. About 80.


We have our own little walkway over the dunes to the beach. The totally not crowded beach. Oh, I already mentioned that!

Well, I’ll regale you later with stories from the road trip out here. Trips with SuperGuy are always…um…interesting.

To those males left at home? House watching? I know you’re having parties on the back patio and poker parties at the house. Everything better look so picked up and just how I left it!

More OBX tomorrow!