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Dial up connections

by Kay~Kacey on 3/3/2005

I do NOT know how people live with dial up connections. Especially lousy, slow, kick you off dial up connections. Seriously. They suck. I’ve gotten so used to looking up something on google when I have a question. Grabbing a yahoo map. Checking the weather. Instant information. Not with dialup. Wait for the dial up connection to connect…if it does without 10 tries…then slow, slow, slow loading pages. If they load at all.

I miss, of course, blog hopping and checking email…Or updating my website. It is ALMOST impossible to do with a lousy dial up connection. I know one thing…if we ever move, my first question will be does the place have a good broadband connection!

And paying for wifi service bugs me too. First you buy the coffee :coffee2: or whatever, then you pay for the service. BTW….starbucks is $9.95 for a day pass! What’s up with California?? Have they not heard of free wireless access?? Their list of free wifi spots is pathetic. oh, but a lot of their McDonald’s also have pay for it internet access. Yes, that sounds relaxing now doesn’t it?? 😯

My next post will most likely be posted via my nice fast connection back in my nice orderly 🙄 office at home. If I can even get this post to go through…

Katie March 3, 2005 at 12:07 pm

:coffee2: It came through!!! Real sloooooooowly though. :rofl:

OH – new smilie – must discuss washing…hmmmm – do ou know some people consider unpublished as the Unwashed. :bath: HA! SOME people – the intelligent ones don’t. :angry:
Where did you find all these??? Love them! I want to comment just to play!:beer:

Michelle March 4, 2005 at 4:52 pm

These smilies are a scream. :rofl: Love them!

And I still have dial-up. I’m going to get fast connection. Soon, I think.

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