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July 8 Birthday(s) Extravaganza

by Kay~Kacey on 7/8/2011

digital photo painting
So my oldest seems to collect friends with his same birthday. At last count, there were at least 4 of them. My oldest, Michael. (here he is in a digital painting I did of him.)

almost son

Then my almost son, Gabe…who has me listed as Mom Two in his phone. :love:

Here are all four of the birthday boys about 3? 4? years ago.

birthday boys

Raise your hand if you know which twin is which.

We used to have the big July 8 extravaganza at our house each summer. But after the second year, I said no more. Then after the 3rd time I really, really meant it… after the 4th year? Well, I REALLY meant it…

This year they are partying (not at my house) then renting a party bus to go to a concert. I’m so pleased the birthday bash won’t be at my house…I think…

Happy birthday, boys! I love you all. You are my favorite! :heart: :heart:

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