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Rescued Flowers

by Kay~Kacey on 11/2/2014

Luckily I decided to do a quick walk around our property this week…right before the hard frost hit.


I rescued quite a few pretty dahlias.

vase of flowers

They are brightening up my house right now, as we speak.

pink dahlia

SuperGuy pulled the bulbs right after this, so hopefully we’ll have lots more next year. (I’m so not ready for winter…)

peach dahlia

Oh, and a gratuitous, cute puppy pic. Jack. With his half blue eye.

aussie puppy

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Summer Front Porch Sitting

by Kay~Kacey on 8/5/2014

I love summer. I love the pretty flowers lining my front porch. This year we have shorter sunflowers than last year, and some pretty dahlias and mums.

pretty summer flowers

I love the way they brighten up the front of our home.

I don’t think a woman can ever have enough pretty flowers!

summer flowers

I love sitting in our red adirondack chairs on the front porch and just enjoying the summer evenings.

pink dahlia

Yes, I love my home, why do you ask??

Oh, here were the sunflowers from last year. Very pretty, but fell over right after this and browned out.


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The Shop on Main-Paperback

by Kay~Kacey on 7/18/2014

I am so excited! I am finally, finally holding a copy of my book. In my hands. It’s real.

The Shop on Main romance


There is a chance that I cried when I opened the box and saw my beautiful book. Just a chance…

romance paperback

There is a chance that SuperGuy laughed at me, but broke open a bottle of champagne to celebrate…

Romance author

And there is also a good chance that I told SuperGuy that I was going to tuck the book under my pillow and sleep with it.

If you’re a paperback reader type person, the book is now available in paperback, too: THE SHOP ON MAIN

Sigh. Dreams really do come true.

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