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RWA 08 Conference

RWA 08 Conference in San Francisco. I’m sorry I’m missing the conference this year, but I’m going to stalk follow along by reading my friends’ blogs and twitter tweets from the conference. I’ll continually update this page with links to blog posts about the RWA conference (hopefully they’ll have lots of pics! )and add in gossip tidbits I learn as the week goes on. I’ll add the new links to the top and let the older links scroll down. Check back often. There’s always something happening at RWA.

RWA Rita and Golden Heart winners.

Gina Black’s pics of the swag.

Video clip about RWA and romance novels on the Today Show.

Natalie Damschroder’s comments about the AGM and the conference.

Megan Crane, with photos! (uploading while she should be getting ready for the Ritas. That’s dedication to blogging!)

Lucia Macro, from the Avon Romance blog.

The Call, for Sandra Hyde, new Desire author!

Bonnie Staring–danish for breakfast, and the hotel has Diet Coke again! Romance Diva dinner notes.

Carolyn Jewel pics from Literacy Signing

Cindy Nord, Golden Heart finalist blogging about the countdown to the awards and her experiences at the conference.

Literacy Signing raised $58,000 !!!
It’s all about the chocolate at Ghirardelli Square at Michelle Willingham’s blog.

Couple of blog posts with pics from the literacy signing at Riding with the Top Down.

jauntyquills has some pics up of the literacy signing.

Notes from the Beau Monde & Hearts Through History Conference before RWA started by Ciara Stewart

I told them it was going to be cold, does no one listen?

goodie room goodness!

Rundown on the hotel, and good comment. RWA needs to negotiate for free internet access at the conference. I know BlogHer did this for their conference.

Michelle Willingham’s blog. She’ll be posting regular updates. Or else. I was supposed to room with her this year. And she can drink this year! Last year she was preggo at the conference (an adorable preggo person, I’ll tell you that.)

Wrong place wrong time. Deb Dixon. Very funny…since it didn’t happen to me!

Off to a rocky start…hotel electrical outage pre-conference

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