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He’s Always Trying to Outdo Me

by Kay~Kacey on 8/17/2010

SuperGuy is always trying to outdo me on the photography…


Like this hummingbird. Hey, I never see hummingbirds out on our flowers! I’m going to have to take a chair outside and just sit and stalk the humming birds.


Or this pretty butterfly. (well, he got some other bugs too, but I refused to look at them and process them. I don’t do bugs.)


More hummingbird…doggoneit!


Last, but not least, a pretty Althea flower.

He’s quite the photographer, isn’t he?  :love: You know I have to go out and capture a hummingbird photo now, don’t you??

I so need to put some photo processing software on his laptop so he can process his own photos. Then I’ll set him up on Facebook. Then he can enter this century…. :crazy: