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chalk paint

Chalk Paint Kitchen Table

by Kay~Kacey on 11/12/2012

Now that we’re over the anguish of where to put the rocks on our land…let’s talk about the farmhouse table I painted with chalk paint and see how it turned out, shall we? I like how it turned out…sort of…

Here it is in our breakfast nook area with our built in bench seats and mismatched chairs.

chalk paint farmhouse table

I think I might paint the legs white…can’t decide. I have one more chair to paint too…probably a lighter shade of that teal. The teal color was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence. The photo below shows the chair and table before I added the top layer of white paint to the table.

chalk paint table and chair

I added a top layer of white to the table then sanded it back to bring out the grain and show the knotholes. I really like that about this paint. Pretty easy to take off just the amount you want.

close up chalk paint table

I sanded between layers of paint too…just a bit. Sanded off more along the edges and places that would normally show wear.

close up chalk paint table and chairs

I like how it looks…I’m just not crazy about the Annie Sloan wax that I put on top of it. I followed the directions exactly (though there is a lot of conflicting advice out there on how to best use the wax). I did 3 layers of wax since we’d be using this to eat off of and it would have heavy use. I waited between each layer. It felt kind of tacky–which is supposed to mean I used too much wax…but I didn’t use much at all. I think I should have stopped at 2 layers, because I really like how it felt/looked at 2 layers of wax.

I’ve since buffed this again…ended up using an electric car buffer to try and buff off any extra and really work it into the wood. It still looks a bit streaky to me. I know I could paint right over the wax…but I love how the paint looks now. So. We’ll see if it hardens up. Or I’ve read you can take some mineral spirits to it to take off some of the wax…and then wax again I guess. Anyway, I think it’s going to stay like this until spring when I could take the table outside to work on it…the sanding of the chalk paint makes quite a mess.

I do love how you can see the separate boards on the table, the knotholes, the grain. Really like that. I wanted it to look like an old, worn table.

So there you have it. My first adventure with chalk paint. Next time 1) I might try making my own chalk paint with one of the recipes out on the net…’cause Annie Sloan chalk paint is crazy expensive–though it goes a long way. 2) if I did a table again, I think I might polyurethane the top of it, instead of wax.

I’m going to paint some other smaller pieces and see if I can conquer the wax application. I do love how this paint just goes over anything without priming. Pretty cool.

Chalk Paint Experiment on Chair

by Kay~Kacey on 10/4/2012

So, in order to try out the Annie Sloan chalk paint before I tackle painting the new farmhouse table that SuperGuy made…I decided to try it out on a chair.

old white chair

Icky old chair that I use in the basement to stand on to reboot my uverse backup…quite often I may add. But my uverse problems are another whole story…

So I sanded the chair down a bit.

provence chalk paint on chair

Then I painted it with Annie Sloan Provence chalk paint. What a pain to paint all those rungs and spindles!

annie sloan chalk paint chair
I painted two coats of the provence blue-green-ish color. Then I had to take just a bit of a break, don’t you know…

annie sloan chalk paint

Next, I painted old white over the provence color.

second coat of chalk paint
Then I used a damp rag to wipe away a bit of the old white to reveal the blue underneath. I tried to hit up places that would normally wear a bit on a chair.

I thought it looked pretty good when I finished…

distress chalk paint

Should have stopped there. I’m just sayin’. Then I waxed it with clear wax, then….BIG mistake…I used a bit of the dark wax to make it look a bit “older” or antiquey…it just looked dirty…no matter what I did. I was so disgusted, I didn’t even take a photo. Now I’m going to sand it back again and repaint the white. Sigh. Well, at least I’m making my mistakes on this chair and not the table…