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Columbia MO

A Walk in the Woods-With Annie

by Kay~Kacey on 4/28/2011

So Annie of Tombsone Chronicler came to Missouri to visit her parents and I got to meet up with her and play on her parents’ gorgeous property in Columbia. Her parents are ever so charming and I had the. best. time.

After chatting for a bit, Annie and I headed out for the dump. Yes, the dump. A treasure trove of interesting discarded bottles, jars, and other stuff.

at the dump

Here is Annie with some of our stash that we uncovered. (tomorrow’s post will be about this car…)

old road in the woods-columbia missouriAfter satiating our desire for old glass bottles and jars, we headed out down this old overgrown road on her parents’ property.

bluffs of grindstone creek

Then we walked along the bluffs of Grindstone Creek. These photos so don’t do them justice. It was just gorgeous!

Grindstone CreekHere we are at at branch of Grindstone Creek…the same creek that runs behind The Love Nest!

dog in creek

Cody came along on our hike to play in the creek keep us company.

annie's treeFinally, Annie led me along the creek and I got to see her tree. Yes, the very same on that is on her blog header! I wish I could have gotten closer or had my telephoto lens with me, but the creek was up and there was really no safe way to get over there (especially carrying my camera!)

Annie's homeAfter hiking around for a few hours, all good things must come to an end. We ended up on the other side of Annie’s parents property. Seriously, isn’t this land just gorgeous?? I had a fabulous time, and can’t wait for Annie to come back this summer to se can go exploring again!