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crown molding

This is a Mean Post

by Kay~Kacey on 12/9/2010

So, the New Love Nest? Well….

crown moldingIt has crown molding. Everywhere. Already put up. And painted. :angel:

Rumor has it that someone who shall remain nameless (The Adorable Wife of the Geeky One), has been asking for crown molding to be put up in their house for, um, like over a year. SuperGuy and The Geeky One TALK about it a lot. Plan it. Discuss it. Talk some more. But no crown molding for her. :shakehead:

Crown molding in family room

Well, some of us have it up in our home. Already. Without all the planning, discussing, thinking, talking, etc. I’m just sayin’ If anyone REALLY wants crown molding, they might want to make sure it comes with the house… :hysterical: There, I’m finished being mean and rubbing it in. Kind of…

(Steph, I’m thinking maybe you should throw a crown molding party! That’s it! Invite everyone over and mention they should, um, wear old clothes.  💡 )