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A New Year

by Kay~Kacey on 1/4/2013

Welcome to twenty-thirteen! (wonder how long it will take me to remember to actually write 2013 instead of 2012?). I was going to do a round up of my favorite photos of 2012…but I just haven’t gotten that post finished yet. So…

I thought I’d amuse you with some of the little details of the new house that I really love…some are so silly to love this much…but that’s how I roll.

These are the knobs on my kitchen cabinets. Don’t you love them? ¬†SuperGuy let me get away with choosing these pretty knobs.

kitchen cabinet knobs

This ledge in the stairway to the lower level? How do I love it? Let me count the ways. The big window with lots of light. The cute oil rubbed bronze rods for the railing. The way you can see my front porch through the window. The fabulous shelf/ledge that I can decorate according to my whim. Love. It.

ledge in stairwell

Right now it has this adorable vase filled with wine corks, my favorite glass paperweight, and a lighted box.

vase of wine corks and lighted box

Oh, and this cute wine cork holder that my sister gave us for a housewarming gift. See the chalkboard on it?? So cute!

wine cork holder with chalkboard

Okay, and you’ll laugh at this last one…but gosh darn it, I LOVE it! I have this push button for my garbage disposal! LOL, I know, but I love it!! It makes me smile every time I ¬†push it!

sink disposal button

Okay, I guess I’m just easily amused… Do you have some little detail in your house that you adore and makes you smile?

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House Decorating-The Barstool Edition

by Kay~Kacey on 12/10/2012

So I’ve been looking for barstools for the kitchen island since we decided to put in this gorgeous cherry countertop island. Last weekend we were down at Lake of the Ozarks, closing up my parents’ lakehouse. (because, you know…the air conditioner was still turned on and we figured it just might be time for the heat to be on…). Anyway, I digress. We were going to stop by the outlet mall, but on the way back to Columbia I saw a sign about biggest barstool selection in the world (or some variety of that.) SuperGuy…being a good sport, turned the car around and we went in the barstool store. (who knew there were barstool stores…)

Anyway, we found these fabulous barstools.

barstools with coffee cutout

I love and adore them and they fit right in.

barstools at kitchen island

Aren’t they cute?

oil rubbed bronze barstools

Love the little coffee cup cut out on the backs. They are SO comfortable too!

barstools at kitchen island

I love it when we find something that is just perfect…and we both agree it’s perfect! So, now I can check barstools off of my decorating checklist. Though I have a mile long list left! Man, I love my kitchen. I think it’s my favorite part of the new house!


Simple Things

by Kay~Kacey on 5/15/2009

Sometimes the simplest little things can make a house a home. Well, in this case, an apartment a home.


Like a favorite photograph. Or milk glass. Or a favorite scent in a candle. What little things do you have scattered around your house that make it a home?