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This and That About Life

by Kay~Kacey on 5/10/2013

Just some random thoughts and photos from our days. ┬áHere is my basil plant in the evening sunlight…we’re just waiting for SuperGuy to build the cage over my garden so the deer don’t feast on my plants. Then this little guy will get plopped into the garden.

basil plant

SuperGuy is having a great time mowing the property with his tractor. Probably too much of a good time…he mows a lot…

Mowing the yard

The finches are doing their best to eat all the grass seed we put down in the bare spots…

finches in grass

Then some gratuitous Murphy photos

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, just because… Here he’s giving me his “but aren’t I cute, Mom?” look. Notice he’s covered in twigs and leaves. All male.

male cavalier

Here he is giving me his better side. He’s sure this is his best side and throws it to me often. Love this dog so much…

Cavalier King Charles Dog

Too bad Maggie is so camera shy…she’s a pretty dog too… I’ll try and get some more of her. If she ever lets me…