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Happy Valentine’s Day

by Kay~Kacey on 2/14/2013

Am I the only one who goes out and buys perfectly decorated valentine’s cookies so I could do some nice still life set ups? :hysterical:

heart cookies and flowers in mason jar

Two Hearts Fine Art Print Available for Sale

Thought these heart cookies went well with the antique plate from my grandmother, and cute tea towel I found when I was antiquing, and, of course, some flowers in a mason jar. Because I love all things mason jar.

SuperGuy is getting nothing for Valentine’s Day, because, you know, he got that John Deere tractor…which as I told him, is his gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, valentine’s, father’s day…etc. I might repeat it for next year to 😉

Happy Valentine’s to you and yours. Hope you have a good one!


A Few Moments of Mother’s Day

by Kay~Kacey on 5/11/2011

I did get some good shots of Mother’s Day,  in spite of the cooperation level of my family. I love this one of my parents.  :heart: I’m sure my dad is telling some whopper story here…

mothers day in St. Louis

Then we have the happy couples ala black and white photos.

Michael and Lauren

couple in St. Louis

Then this great one of my sister, my mom and I. Love it.


Okay, enough of my mother’s day…maybe… 😉

Dare I admit I love the goofy ones I posted yesterday better??

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You Call this Cooperation?

by Kay~Kacey on 5/10/2011

Really, my family is SO supportive of my photography addiction… :hairpull:

hide your face

Of course, my sister was her usual agreeable to be photographed self… 😉

nephew making faceWhich she decided to pass that trait on to my nephew…

kissYep, I got so much cooperation…

nice pose

So many nice expressions…

making facesMy sister, again…lovely 😉

sweet posessuch sweet poses…

laughingOkay, this was so not the shot I was heading for, but I love and adore this photo!  :heart: Yes, they are just that fun in real life!

I guess I’ll go out looking for random strangers to shoot…