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hot air balloons

News from the Farm

by Kay~Kacey on 9/2/2013

We’ve been busy. Besides the barn raising, we’ve been busy planting and watering, watering, watering to try and keep the new plants and trees alive in this draught and heat.

One night sitting out on our fabulous front porch…you know the one with the cement that looks like old boards …anyway

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, we looked up and saw a bunch of hot air ballons.

hot air balloon out window

I managed to capture a few of them. Well, shoot them. Well, photograph them!

hot air balloon columbia mo

I mentioned to SuperGuy in passing that I wished I owned a longer telephoto lens…he ignored me…

hot air balloon in flight

I also got an Olympus underwater camera and we played with it. Such fun!

olympus underwater camera

I thought I’d leave you with a couple of photos that SuperGuy captured and I edited of our beastly dogs. They look pretty innocent here don’t they??

blenheim cavalier king charles

This one is our little princess…at least she thinks so.

black and tan cavalier king charles

If you missed it over on my photography blog , I started a series I call The Awakening if you’d like to catch up on that. Okay, talk to you soon…gotta go sit out in our spa! (ie wading pool) and get more underwater photos!