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wine on the keyboard


2012–Personal Photography Project

by Kay~Kacey on 1/3/2012

Welcome to Twenty Twelve!!

champagne for two

SuperGuy and I spent a quiet night at home for New Year’s Eve…with a bit of champagne. Nice evening! So love that more than going out and partying. Besides, we were exhausted from trying to keep up with the boys when they were in town for Christmas!!

Now the new year hits. A fresh page. Time to make goals and start fresh. I love a new year. It seems like you have a whole blank slate to start over with.

This year I’m going to do some kind of personal photography project. No people involved. Separate from my photography biz. I haven’t quite nailed down what I’m going to do yet though. Not a 365. (a pic a day). I don’t think it will even be a 52 project (a photo a week.) I think I’ll pick a theme and then do the photos whenever I get inspired throughout the year…but try for at least once a month.

I seen 50 days of taking a photo with your 50mm lens. (or 35 days with a 35mm, 85 days with an 85mm, etc.) Macro shots. Self portraits. Or picking an object and shooting it in different locations. Capturing sites around your town in the different seasons. Sunrises. Sunsets. Or more gritty projects like single moms, teen pregnancy, homeless, etc.

Do any of you do a personal photography project? I’ll let you know when I decide on mine. Still rolling it around in my head for a bit.

I’ll leave you with one more photo of our New Year’s Eve…

lazy new years eve

Play Date

by Kay~Kacey on 12/19/2011

Ah, Maggie had a play date with her cousins… (well, there was some discussion that she might be Aunt Maggie…but, really…you shouldn’t have those kind of deep discussions without a beer…)

cavalier king charles puppy

She was invited over to play in the nice fenced yard! What puppy fun!


This is Charlie. Cute, huh?

japanese chin

Boo! (no, I’m not scaring you…that’s Boo’s name.)

and last but not least…Oshie


Oshie was not too sure about the whole playdate thing…

running puppy

The humans stood around and played watch the puppy…

chase the puppy

The dogs played chase the puppy…

more chase the puppy

and more chase the puppy. Then the little stinker learned how to squeeze through the fence…and run, run, run…watch the humans run after her!


A good time was had by all. I now lust after a fenced in yard for her… Anyway, we brought home an exhausted puppy…which is always a good thing!

Where the heck have I been?

by Kay~Kacey on 12/6/2011

It is SO not my fault. I’ve been busy. Really busy. I have a puppy!! You cannot get anything done when you have a puppy!! Honest! Meet Maggie!!
black and tan cavalier puppy

Really, is she not the cutest thing ever??

I’m so in love with her. SuperGuy acts like he’s not attached to her…

puppy sleeping in bed

Wait! Is that not my cute little Maggie sleeping with SuperGuy?

cavalier puppy asleep in bed

Sure, what a tough guy…

puppy in bed

He’s not attached to her at all…

4 month old cavalier puppy

I’m hopelessly in love with her. Don’t you just love her eyes? What a cute little Cavalier puppy! She’s 4 months old and we’ve had her for 3 weeks. The house training is…well…it’s going.

I’m pretty sure we’re nuts to get a puppy in the winter time…I did buy a long down winter coat. Just sayin’. Oh, and no fenced in yard so she’s out on a leash every time…

My favorite daughter-in-law hints that I’m getting a second puppy for Christmas…

LOL!!! SuperGuy, quit hyperventilating!!! It’s a JOKE!!! I’m fairly certain one puppy is all we can handle!!