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New Kitties!

by Kay~Kacey on 9/20/2005

There is a cat back in my house, all is right with my world. Well, actually, two new kitties. We got them this weekend at the adopt-a-thon they had city wide. From the Humane Society. A girl and boy. Aren’t they cute??? new kitties

Now, I’m getting a LOT of help with names…
Black and White (notice they are both black)
Fast and Furious
Frick and Frack (sp?)
One and Two
Pink and Green (the color of their collars…)

Watching Dinner

“Pink” has discovered the fish tank…
round and round

“Green” has discovered hours of fun with the ball in the ring toy.

And there are more great names suggested:
(nasty male suggestion) never mind :mrgreen:
Home and Depot 🙄
Steak and Shake
TC and TOC (The Cat, and The Other Cat)

Needless to say, the kitties don’t have names yet…

Rain Lake Days

by Kay~Kacey on 6/13/2005

So if you were at the lake with the aforementioned eleventy billion males, and you woke up this morning and it’s pouring down rain 😯 would you:

1 pack up and go home
2 do a nakey dance to the sun god in hopes of it clearing up
3 hide in your room with a good book or seven
4 learn to play poker while listening to male remarks :mad2: all day

the good thing was, it was gorgeous yesterday and they wakeboarded all day and fell into exhausted stupor last night. After eating about six times though… :crazy2:

I did manage to work on a plot for my next proposal though while sitting quietly on the dock while they were all out on the pontoon boat. I even remembered to come in and write down all my thoughts!

Well, if you see a nakey lady out dancing around on the dock at the lake, that’d be me…doing ANYTHING to try and make the sun come out today! :wallbash: