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wine on the keyboard


SuperGuy can fix anything

by Kay~Kacey on 11/22/2008

So, I was complaining at the apartment that you can actually feel COLD AIR coming through the outlets on the outside walls. Since it was in the teens (brrrrr!) this was a problem for me :shakehead: So I’m thinking maybe we need some of those childproof plug covers. (which I remember annoy me no end trying to pry them out when you actually want to USE the outlet!)

But wait, SuperGuy goes and gets these…

socket sealers

WHO? KNEW??? ❓ ❓ You unscrew the faceplate put this on and screw the faceplate back. Easy peasy.

I consider myself fairly self sufficient. I could have easily done this fix…if I’d only known that something like this even existed!! Are males just born with some gene that lets them KNOW this stuff?? :crazy2:

Males and More Males

by Kay~Kacey on 8/8/2008

For Nine Days…

son at beach

I will be surrounded

Geeky One smiling

by males

hanging out laughing

Lots of males.

teen at window

Lots of testosterone.

grafitti cars

All the boys will be in town. We’ll go the lake where they will compete at wakeboarding encourage each other’s attempts at wakeboarding. Compete at fishing compliment their brothers on the catch of the day, compete at ….well, who am I kidding, they will compete at everything. Males. 🙄

Oh, and let’s not forget the biggest male kid of the week…


SAVE ME. Send positive thoughts. Send pink. Send girly vibes. Oh, heck, send Corona!

Call Me When You Get There

by Kay~Kacey on 1/12/2008

Is this so very hard to do? Is this a complicated subject, too hard for the 20 something year old male to comprehend? “Call your mother when you get back to school.”

Call Your MotherSo I calculate how long it will take them to drive back to college. I give them an extra hour. I worry about calling THEM, because, you know… Don’t talk on the cellphone while you’re driving. I don’t ask much from my kids. A simple phone call letting me know they got back okay. Especially in bad weather.

They all came in town this weekend for a going away party for a friend. Do you think there is ANY chance that they’ll call on Sunday night when they get back home?

Call. Me. When. You. Get. There.