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You’ve Heard of Miss America?

by Kay~Kacey on 3/4/2010

You’ve heard of Miss America and Miss USA, right? Maybe even Miss Insert-your-state-here. Well, Mississippi goes to GREAT length with their Miss Titles. For instance…


Miss Highway Patrol? What did she have to do to get that title???


Miss Craft Center? Rather a benign title, but whatever. Hm, is that some knitting, sewing, quilting title or what?

Miss-5753Here they were just handing out titles willy nilly. Miss State University. Miss Valley State University. Miss University for Women.

I’m just sayin’, if you want to win a title, I think you should move to Mississippi, because as you can see, they freely give out titles in this state.

The title that started off this whole discussion on our road trip? Miss Juvenile Detention Center. Wow, her mother must be so proud… :rofl:

Why, yes, we do get slap happy on our long road trips, why do you ask?? :crazy:

Mississippi Road Trip

by Kay~Kacey on 3/3/2010

Now don’t be trash talkin’ my Mississippi, ’cause we used to have this cute little farm there in Carriere, Mississippi…right out of Picayune 😀 But I still thought I’d share some thoughts of a road trip in Mississippi. We took highway 55 the length of the state.

mississippi-5732We have fond memories of driving through Mississippi with all the boys in the car, going back and forth from Mississippi or on our trips to Gulf Shores. Like the first time my oldest glanced up at this road sign and said “WHAT did that say???” :crazy:  Yep, at a quick glance it DOES look like it says that, doesn’t it??


Or when we drive past this and one of the boys is sure to nudge his brother and say “what does that remind you of?” :rofl: Ah, boys will be boys.


The mistletoe grows wild in the trees there, gathering in big clumps on the now bare branches. I think SuperGuy should have stopped the car and kissed me under this tree, don’t you?? :love2: What a waste of all the mistletoe!

mississippi-5748 ..and I’m not trash talkin’ Mississippi here…but seriously…all their rest areas were closed. The entire length of the state.


Every. One. What is up with that?? It got to be a joke with us…luckily the car needed gas so SuperGuy finally gave me a bathroom break! :crazy:


We pass by our town. Pickens!! not  Yazoo City!! Silly people!!


Seriously? Foreign Trade Zone?? Who do they consider foreign? Arkansas??


You drive along for miles with the tall “pahnz” along side the road. (we call them pines up north…) Very pretty. Notice the definite lack of snow on the ground. Even prettier! We love Mississippi with the slower life style, the kind people, the cute accents. Sigh.

Well, there you have it. It’s not every day that you get to read a travelogue of a road trip through Mississippi. You heard it here first, folks!