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The Siren Call of a Pretty Notebook

by Kay~Kacey on 9/15/2008

Yes, I’m confessing it here for all of you to see…

claire fontaine notebook

I’m addicted to notebooks.

black n' red notebook

I love ClaireFontaine or Red n’ Black notebooks. Especially when I’m using a fountain pen. (another addiction of mine.) They have the BEST paper for using fountain pens.

spiral notebooks

But I’m not a slave to just those brands. I’m easy. 🙄 I pick notebooks up everywhere. Walmart. Office Supply stores. Barnes and Noble clearance shelves.

pink notebook

I can’t help myself. Sometimes a pretty face just catches my attention. Isn’t the cover of this one grand? I love how the light reflects off of it.

floral notebooks

Always spiral. They have to go all the way flat or they bug me when I write in them. I have them scattered all over my house and whole big old stack of them on my desk. One in the drawer in my bed table. Well, honestly, it’s a bit out of control. I have one notebook I keep right next to my computer that holds my weekly/daily to do list. Another one that I write quick notes about my website, photography…well, anything I don’t want to forget.

They have to be pretty. Or silly. Always spiral.

I know, I know. It’s a sickness. I can’t say no to a pretty notebook that crosses my path. How about you? What’s your Achilles heel? The one thing you can’t say no to when see/hear its siren call?

An addiction

by Kay~Kacey on 5/10/2007

I am addicted to notebooks. I have them scattered all over the house. My favorite are Clairfontaine notebooks. Yummy, smooth paper. Great with a fountain pen. (another addiction for another post). I’m also partial to Black ‘n Red notebooks. Do you ever write longhand? Or journal longhand? Or even brainstorm longhand?notebooks

Lets talk Pens

by Kay~Kacey on 7/17/2005

Yes, I’m a pen slut. Seriously. My favorite pen is the Mont Blanc I swiped borrowed from my dh :secret: DON’T TELL HIM! But I can’t have it with me everywhere, and I do like to mark up my manuscripts in color. So, tell me your favorite pen. Mine used to be a uniball vision exact. But I either can’t find them anymore, or they’re different now. I need smooth rolling ink. No skipping.

Do do you have a certain kind of pen you like to use? Or do you just pick up any old one that you find? Does it have to be a certain color? (I HATE blue ink…)

See I told you I was nuts. Let’s talk pens! (I love the office supply store :love: )