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out my window

Rainy Day Play

by Kay~Kacey on 8/27/2012

We had rain! We’ll…kind of. Like for 30 minutes and not very hard. But the birds were very excited! They all came out to play.
chickadee in the rain

SuperGuy and I were sitting in my office looking out the window and, of course, I had to grab my camera. There was so much bird activity going on! Look at this cute yellow finch balance up on a leaf.

yellow finch perched on leaf

This young cardinal came out to play too. See how he still has some sheaths on his head where his head sticky-up ¬†feathers will be? I’m sure that’s the technical term…

baby cardinal

The birds had such fun. This little yellow finch was drinking the water drops off the leaves!!

yellow finch

It has been awhile since I had a bird shoot and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Almost as much as the birds did!

black cap chickadee

Tricked You!

by Kay~Kacey on 7/11/2011

early spring crocusFor a minute you thought it was spring, didn’t you? Instead of the beastly hot summer. Not really complaining. I’ll take heat over cold and snow anyday!

crocus and daffodil

I took these and processed them and set them to upload to the blog.

crocus in early springYes, well, one thing led to another, and the photos never got posted…

purple crocusDoes that ever happen to you, or am I the only totally disorganized on all thinsgs photo person out there…

yellow crocusAh, well, they are posted now. In all their pretty colors.

As an aside…is the plural of crocus, crocuses or croci?? Hm….


by Kay~Kacey on 7/7/2011

pink hollyhock

Seriously. Annoying plant. Last year it didn’t bloom. Okay, it was the first year, I’ll give it that. This year? Gorgeous for all of say…one week. Then storms came through and they all bent over, got muddy, and just generally annoyed me every time I looked out my kitchen window. So not interested in staking and tying and generally messing with them all the time to make them look okay.

Their only redeeming quality this season? I did get one great photoshoot out of them…I’ll give them that!