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About those rocks

by Kay~Kacey on 11/9/2012

As you know, SuperGuy has been all about what to do with the rocks that they dug up when they built the house. I mean, that’s ever so important, right???

Have you ever seen so much concentration on staring at the land and where the rocks should go?

We had this guy come with this mover/plow/tractor/hauler thing and move the rocks to where SuperGuy wanted them. I kept being asked questions like “should that rock be about a foot to the left?” or equally important “should that rock be turned some.” My standard answer was “whatever you think, dear.”…because he wasn’t really wanting my opinion. I could tell.

We now have rocks in the side of the hillside with the mulch. Okay, I admit, they look nice there. Much nicer than just a big old mulched hillside.

We now have big old rocks scattered under these trees with cute holly bushes planted around them. (oh, yes…planting was much higher up on the list than say, unpacking boxes or getting The Love Nest cleaned up to sell…)

We have rocks randomly scattered at the side of the house. “They look good,” she grudgingly admitted.

SuperGuy also planted some kind of evergreen bush things in front of the propane tank and the transformer. Should screen them in the next few years.

He planted some bradford pear trees–which I love, at the end of this hill in the back to help screen the road. Columbia evidently hates bradford pear trees and is pressuring the nurseries to not carry them, so we got them fairly inexpensively. I love them. Columbia hates them. Oh well, we’ll just have to disagree.

A few knock out rose bushes scattered among his beloved rocks 😉

The guy with the tractor/hauler thing helped SuperGuy scoop up some cedars on our land and plant them across the hill in the back. They’ll be so nice when they grow.

So there you have it. I know you guys were all waiting impatiently to find out what happened to all those rocks!! :toofunny:  We now can go back to unpacking and getting The Love Nest ready to sell.