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The Story of a Door Lock

by Kay~Kacey on 11/17/2009

So with the new front door, we needed to get a new door lock. So….we did….


Yes, it’s going to be one of those stories…

We go to the hardware store that shall remain nameless (Home Depot) on Saturday while the contractor was putting in the new front door. We talked to the Hardware Store Helper Guy, and he talked us into a Baldwin lock. “The Best” These have a smartkey system where you can rekey them yourself whenever you want to. You know, like say…when one of the boys loses their keys and has no clue where they are… :mad2:

This is Baldwin’s prestige line. Okay. We’ll pay more for them. We have a double door, so we wanted theĀ  matching “fake” handle for the second door. The Hardware Store Helper Guy said he’d call and order that part on Monday. Fast forward to Sunday morning. SuperGuy goes to rekey the front door to an existing key we have. He messes it up. (why, oh, why do males refuse to carefully read instructions??? ) It locks up the front door lock. :wallbash:

So, SuperGuy pulls the lockset completely out of the door and takes it up to Home Depot where Hardware Store Helper Guy uses their secret-double-probation-key-redoer thingie. They set the lock to our existing keys. SuperGuy comes home and puts the lock back in the door. (He forgets the extra keys he was supposed to have made for the boys and my parents, but I digress…)

Fast forward to Monday. Hardware Store Helper Guy calls. “They don’t make a fake handle for that model you bought. You’ll have to buy another whole set $$$ and just use the handle off of it.” For real??? THEN he says, oh, and I found out the model you bought isn’t made by the Baldwin $$ well made door lock company. It’s made by Black & Decker and just marketed under Baldwin. (So we overpaid for a “good lock” which, well, isn’t one.)

So we can pull the door lock and handle and return it. Buy a new one. Get it rekeyed. Reinstall it. Or go with one door handle.

Why, oh, why is remodeling stuff always like this???

Note to my beloved sons. I did not lock you out of the house. We just need to get you new keys…you know, when we decide what we’re actually going to do about the front door lock.