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Stadium Grill – Columbia MO

by Kay~Kacey on 3/14/2013

Met my favorite son at Stadium Grill in Columbia for lunch the other day.

Stadium Grill Columbia Mo Bar and GrillLove to eat there. I’m rather addicted to the Tiger Tails (chicken tenders) in thai sauce. Yum. (We bring the extras home to make chicken

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, bacon, ranch pizza-I need to put that recipe up here on the blog.) Anyway…Stadium Grill has ¬†COLD beer. Great sandwiches. Salads. Or try their Hurdle Burger. Yum. Trust me.

My favorite son happens to be my favorite waiter there…here he is giving me the “another photo , really, Mom??” look.

best waiter ever at Stadium Grill

Timmy’s roommate joined us too. At least he didn’t give me the “really, Mom?” look!
Timmy's Roommate

Part of the reason for lunch was proof of life for my sister. My nephew is a pledge at a frat at Mizzou. He. Is. Tired.
frat pledge

But he rallied when the food came. Nothing like a free meal to perk up a male!


Anyway, I had a fabulous time. You should try out Stadium Grill next time you’re in Columbia. At the south west corner of Stadium and College Ave.