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A Walk Around the Farm

by Kay~Kacey on 3/18/2013

So I decided to get outside and walk around the farm in Columbia to see what all has survived the winter. Sorry, this is very picture heavy!

It was very muddy…

mud boots in Columbia MO from Tractor Supply

Love my pretty, funky, dotted mud boots. From Tractor Supply. On sale AND comfortable!

Then I walked out to our lot line.
lot line of our property in Columbia Missouri

I saw a bluebird on the lot line marker while I was out there. Unfortunately if flew off to the phone wire, and I didn’t have my long lens with me. But my first bluebird!! Very happy.

This muddy mess is where our square foot garden is going to be. I hope we get it all put together and fenced in for some spring planting…

garden plot for square foot gardening

We planted 5 bradford pear trees last fall. Here is the one near the house. I know Columbia thinks they are horrible scrub trees, but I just love, love them.
bradford pear early spring Columbia MO

Okay, showing off my mud boots again. With the cow the boys got us in the background by my beloved red front door. Which, btw, I think I’m going to ask SuperGuy to put up a screendoor on it. It just seems so country that way. Also, we need the cross breeze!
mud boots

Oh, and did I tell you? I learned to drive the John Deere tractor! Go me. Starring my mud boots again…maybe this post should have been titled “Ode to my Mud Boots”. 8)
john deere tractor

We had deer grazing in the yard just before sunset. The dogs started barking like crazy at them. The deer just looked up and then kept grazing…
deer in yard in Columbia MO

Then we sat in our normal happy hour spot…putting the barstools in the windows and watching the sunset. Oh, and we might have had a drink. Or two.
celebrating the end of the day

Then the sun set in a burst of flair for me.
sunset with sun flair in Columbia MO with elm tree silhouette

My day. The end.

Classic Avoidance

by Kay~Kacey on 2/23/2011

I hate doing taxes. There I said it. So what did I decide was more important than working on taxes?? Bird photos of course.

Male cardinal in the rain

It was a nice change from taking photos of the birds in the snow!

female cardinal in the rain in St. Louis

They all came out to play when it started to rain..

male cardinal in the rain at the feeder

I swear that this guy knew I was taking his picture and was actually POSING for me.

Ah, spring. I can almost taste it… I will cover my ears and say la-la-la if anyone talks to me about snow and ice again. I’m just sayin’

I Spy

by Kay~Kacey on 2/22/2011

and I’m not joking this time! I looked out the window and saw this…

First signs of spring-daffodils

What is that I spied?? I should take a closer look…

Daffodils popping up out of the ground

The first signs of spring! My daffodils are popping out of the ground! See what a week of warmer weather can do? (A bit worried about the cold snap we’re supposed to get this week though…)

feeding the birds

While I was doing the important chores…you know…taking photos…SuperGuy was out feeding the birds. Got to keep my birds happy and at the feeder!

first signs of spring

Meanwhile I wandered around the yard, looking for all the places that SuperGuy put more bulbs in last fall. I think it’s going to be a beautiful spring in my backyard!