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Life in the Country

by Kay~Kacey on 6/3/2013

Well, we’ve been busy…or trying to be busy…getting the new house planted, seeded (again), mulched, mowed, etc. etc. You know, in between constant rainstorms… in which our land fills up with streams of water.

water in yard

SuperGuy has been putting in drain pipes as fast as he can. We still haven’t figure out how to deal with this one outside the dog pen…

SuperGuy spends a lot of time just looking out at the land and trying to figure out his next project…if it would quit raining…

contemplating the water

I spend a lot of time just reading photography stuff online or with a couple of new photography books I bought to tide me through the rainy season…reading my macbook

One day between storms I had this great idea for a self portrait in the meadow with this red fabric….well, the wind and the red fabric won…

flowing red fabric

I’ve got nuttin’ honey. (quit laughing!)

red fabric in wind

We finally had one amazing sunset though. Isn’t it gorgeous…it started raining again right after I took this…

amazing sunset

Hope you all are staying dry and safe from tornados.

Sunrise Sunset

by Kay~Kacey on 1/23/2013

Ah, I seem to be addicted to taking sunrise and sunset photos these days…mind if I share?

We’ve been having marvelous colors in our cold early sunrises.

sunrise out the window

That one was taken out my office window. So pretty.

The sunsets haven’t been shabby either…

sunset with contrails

like this pretty one with the jet contrails in the sky.

I’d be busy taking bird photos…but SuperGuy hasn’t put up the bird feeders in Columbia yet…and the ones in St. Louis have been sadly empty for weeks…

Cold Winter Sky

by Kay~Kacey on 1/9/2013

I’m so¬†enamored with taking photos of the sky. The clouds. The tree branches against the sky.

winter sunset

Aren’t those clouds fabulous with the pink/orange sunset lighting them up?

We’re having a weird winter here in the midwest. A bit of snow, but this week it’s supposed to hit 60. I’m not complaining, because as you know…I hate, hate winter. I hate the cold. I hate the bare trees. I really hate the icy roads. But I plan on thoroughly enjoying the 60 degree weather this week! A plus…rain the day before with weather in the 50’s should melt the rest of the snow and ice.

I’m also doing ProjectLife365 and posting my photos on instagram if you’d like to follow me there. My instagram name is Kay5 if you want to look for me there. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to do all of them just using my iPhone…which is hard for me because some of them I would have loved to set up my camera for the shot. But I want the discipline of not overthinking every little editing decision like I do in photoshop. So, iPhoneography it is for this project. I’ve also added most of them to my twitter feed if you want to follow there.