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The Road Trip Home-Always an Adventure

by Kay~Kacey on 9/25/2009

A road trip with SuperGuy is always, how should I say it…interesting. We were going to go home the southern route all the way across North Carolina and Tennessee. When we checked the weather, it was dumping rain all across the pathway of that route. Since we’re nothing if not flexible. (okay, I’m not really, but we ran with it.) We switched courses and headed up through West Virginia.


I had to use my iPhone to plan the route. Which is tricky in West Virginia…because I kept losing all cell phone service… :wallbash:

If I had had my act together, we could have stopped by my friend Suzanne’s farm. I’d love to see it. I can’t imagine living in such beautiful country. The views can take your breath away.


West Virginia had amazing pockets of fog that we drove in and out of. Very pretty.


The views of the mountains…gorgeous. (notice me in the rear view mirror and in the little dot on the mirror. I’m everywhere, I tell you!). SuperGuy would ask me which road to take, and I’d tell him to just slow down and quit bugging me, I was taking pictures, you know–the important part of the road trip! He loves road trips with me. Don’t ever let him tell you differently!


They had some really steep roads. Really. These signs were so not encouraging…


We had to stop part way to wash the car. Yes, I said wash the car. SuperGuy was convinced the car had. to. have. a. carwash. You know, to get all the salt off of it or whatever. BTW…you can type in “carwash” on your map application on your iPhone (when you get service) and find the nearest carwash. Personally…I prefer to type in bar and find the nearest beer…


SuperGuy said he really, really liked the, um, anatomy of West Virginia… I’m not even going to tell you what he named THIS mountain. Yes, you guessed it. :loser:

Ah, yes. Road trips with SuperGuy. They’re not just a trip, they’re an adventure! :love2: