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January Photo of the Month Winner

by Kay~Kacey on 2/13/2009

Announcing! The January Photo of the Month Winner is Mary! With her wonderful Snow Flower. She beat out my cardinal by one vote, bless her heart. You can see all her wonderful photos at her Little Red House blog or at her In A Soft Light blog (with lovely daily marvelous photos!) Thanks to all who participated!

I’ve been busy trying out the macro lens I rented. It’s a Canon 100mm macro. So far I’m not feeling the love.


It hunts for focus a lot, and I just don’t have it figured out yet. So far my photos with The Photography One’s macro have turned out better. (His is the Canon 60mm) I’ll keep at it though. Maybe by the end of the week I’ll have some decent shots to show you.

Now, for the BIG NEWS!!! The theme for February’s Photo of the Month Contest. In honor of Valentine’s Day this month….(drum roll, please!)

February’s theme is CHERISH. As you know, we’re always very loose with our themes here. I’m thinking an object that you cherish. But if you want to run with it in another direction, feel free.

I’ll remind you again towards the end of the month, and let you know when to send your links, but for now, go out there and click some photos of things you cherish.