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Construction-Week Three

by Kay~Kacey on 5/29/2012

Though I know that these construction photos are more a record for me to look back on and see what they did on the new Columbia house each week, I still thought I share them.

digging electricity lineThey dug this deep trench through the meadow…I know, not pretty–BUT it bring electricity to the house! Yay!

electrical boxSee our electric box thingie??

In the next few weeks they’ll dig another trench and bring in the water. WATER! Like a real house! 😉  Though SuperGuy will just like having water there to water the trees he’s transplanting instead of hauling it in everyday.

poured the basementAnd look! They put the plumbing stuff in poured the basement! Doesn’t it look lovely??

back fill the houseThen they sealed the foundation and backfilled the house! The land around the house is starting to look like something!

first visitorAnd look! We had our first visitor…Mr. Turtle.  Then we walked the land. We walked the land a lot.

man out standing in his fieldAh, a man out standing in his field…and he got like 6 ticks…

big rocksThe builder is saving me these big rocks…not sure where we’ll use them yet…

In other goofy news, we went antiquing and saw these big copper lions about 4 feet high…we looked and each other…and I shot SuperGuy down before he could suggest buying them for each side of the driveway entrance… :toofunny:   :wallbash:

Have a great week!

Kate May 29, 2012 at 6:45 pm

You shot him down? But they’re lions!

Hahahahaha ~

Your place is coming along nicely. I love that it’s banked like that.

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