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wine on the keyboard

Photo Contest

Each month we hold a Photo of the Month Contest. There is a theme for each month, and few rules. The contest is open to any readers of Wine on the Keyboard.

The entries are due by the end of the month. You can either use the contact button at the top of the page on the menu bar to send me a link to your photo, or link to it in the post where I call for submissions each month. (I do a call for submission post during the last few days of each month) You can also email your photo to me. I size your photo to fit on my blog.

I post the entries during the first few days of the following month. Usually we have a poll for readers to vote on their favorite. What does the winner get?? Fame and fortune, the right to brag that they won, admiration of the blog readers. See? It’s a very valuable contest! Really, we have a lot of fun with it. Please join in by entering your photos or voting in our polls.


1) You must have taken the photo and have all rights to it in order to submit it.
2) Photos are due by the last day of the month
3) Please submit a title or caption for your photo
4) We prefer that the photo is taken in the month of the contest, but we’re a bit flexible on this for now.

That’s it! Simple and fun. Check out old photo of the month contests!