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boxer puppy

We interrupt this vacation coverage

by Kay~Kacey on 10/4/2010

Yes, I still have more vacation photos to share, but I’m interrupting my vacation photos to show more of this adorable boxer puppy, Clyde.


Is he not the cutest boxer puppy ever??


Can you believe that someone puppynapped him??  :mad2: Seriously. What kind of person steals someone’s puppy?? Thank goodness they found out who took him and got him back. After a brief, um, scuffle. (how do I survive being a mom to 5 boys??? )


He does this adorable jump straight up in the air hop thingie. Too cute.


He is just a ball of energy! Love his floppy ears. :love: boxer-puppy-8761

Here he is with The Impish One. Look how much he’s grown in 6 weeks!! (Clyde has grown, not my son. My son cannot grow anymore. He’s already towering over me by a bazillion inches!!)

As an aside, I have the utmost respect for pet photographers. I swear I’d rather photography twin 2 year olds than try and get photos of a racing around puppy!