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wine on the keyboard


Save Me

by Kay~Kacey on 3/28/2013

Please, save me from myself. I wanted to do a cupcake photoshoot. Wanted to add to my food photography portfolio. Okay then. I bought some cupcakes…

three cupcakes food photography

Yes, those chocolate cupcakes look yummy. But I also bought vanilla cupcakes. So I had choices…

food photography cupcakes

Then, I fell in love with the sprinkles. I mean, who doesn’t think that bright colored stars make great sprinkles?

cupcakes with sprinkles

Though, I have to say, I’m kind of in love with this close up of the swirl icing…

closeup of swirl of icing on cupcake

But , alas, SuperGuy and I are dieting…so I could NOT leave these in the house after the food photography shoot. So…what’s a woman to do? She promptly gave them to her son who stopped by and told him to share them with his roommates. Problem solved. Kind of. Because I’m now craving a cupcake…

My Food Photography and Kitchen Art photos are for sale on my artist website. I warn you…they might make you hungry…

Also, are any of you on tumblr? I started posting some there.  I’m Kay Pickens on tumblr if you want to follow me there. I’ll follow you back!

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