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My Love Affair with Pretty Doors

by Kay~Kacey on 12/8/2010

You know how I love my pretty door in St. Louis, right?


We have pretty door at the New Love Nest too.

glass windows in front door

See the pretty glass? Of course, the first day we moved in I had SuperGuy pull the locks and go have them rekeyed.

He humored me and changed the locks out on the front door and the door in from the garage. I pays to humor me, I’m just sayin’

But then, at night, we discovered…much to our chagrin…that you can see right through all the pretty glass in the front door. :nono:

So we went to Home Depot and got these window cling thingies. They are a bit opaque, but still let the panes of the windows show through…and prevent people from seeing in the front door.

window privacy clings

Well, SuperGuy put them up…but as you can see from the line near the top, we didn’t have quite enough. :wallbash: Ah, well, it will go onto our ever growing to do list to go get another roll and finish the job. SuperGuy also shampooed like half the carpets. :heart: He’ll finish up the other half soon. It’s a good thing he likes to putter around the house, ’cause I’m thinking there will be a lot of puttering to do!