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float wraps

Finally Family Photos

by Kay~Kacey on 11/30/2010

Ha! Say finally family photos 3 times fast!

float wraps

I finally ordered a bunch of photos of the family. I ordered what most labs call wraps or float wraps. They are prints that are slightly padded and affixed to a mounting board. I love them.

float wraps over couch

I think I’m going to put a big print on both ends of this display too…when I figure out what I want. I had these printed on metallic photographic paper, a bit more, but I love the look.

float wraps from the side

Here is a photo of them from the side so you can see how “thick” they are. I love that they look finished without any frame. I ordered these from ProLab Express because they had all the sizes I needed. The large ones are 10×20, the middle is 8×8, the one above that is 8×10, and the upper right corner one is 10×10. With 2″ between them it comes out as 32″ by 32″.  I’m also going to order some smaller ones to set on small easels. Just love these float wraps!

As an aside….see that return air duct over the couch?? I HATE it. Seriously. It is not centered on the wall, nor is it centered between the beams on the ceiling. Drives me insane and makes the room always look off center. Rant over. That is all.