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Save Me

by Kay~Kacey on 3/28/2013

Please, save me from myself. I wanted to do a cupcake photoshoot. Wanted to add to my food photography portfolio. Okay then. I bought some cupcakes…

three cupcakes food photography

Yes, those chocolate cupcakes look yummy. But I also bought vanilla cupcakes. So I had choices…

food photography cupcakes

Then, I fell in love with the sprinkles. I mean, who doesn’t think that bright colored stars make great sprinkles?

cupcakes with sprinkles

Though, I have to say, I’m kind of in love with this close up of the swirl icing…

closeup of swirl of icing on cupcake

But, alas, SuperGuy and I are dieting…so I could NOT leave these in the house after the food photography shoot. So…what’s a woman to do? She promptly gave them to her son who stopped by and told him to share them with his roommates. Problem solved. Kind of. Because I’m now craving a cupcake…

My Food Photography and Kitchen Art photos are for sale on my artist website. I warn you…they might make you hungry…

Also, are any of you on tumblr? I started posting some there.  I’m Kay Pickens on tumblr if you want to follow me there. I’ll follow you back!

Peaches and other Summer Stuff

by Kay~Kacey on 9/4/2012

So, for the first time ever I made Frozen Peach Yogurt. Actually Frozen Cinnamon Peach Yogurt. A person can never have enough cinnamon. Just saying. (recipe over on my Kay Pickens Photography blog…I’m kind of getting into the the food photography thing.)

fresh peaches

There is something so summery about peaches. I love them. I’m very sad that their season is coming to an end. Anyone else feel that way? I’m so over the heat and draught (though we got hammered for a few days of badly needed rain–compliments of Isaac). But I’m just sorry that the fresh fruit is going out of season. The only flowers I have still going are zinnias and badly draught abused roses.

Kids are back in school. School busses on the road. Halloween decorations in the stores. Thanksgiving recipes starting to show up on magazine covers. Sigh.

I guess summer is really going to end, isn’t it?

Well, the good thing is, I do have a bunch of sweaters that I love that I’ll soon be able to wear.

So, what’s your favorite season?

While the Boys are Away

by Kay~Kacey on 7/31/2012

The girls will play. While the boys were bachelor partying in Vegas (they survived…barely…), Lauren’s aunt threw a lovely bridal shower at Seven Gables Inn. It was a charming place for a shower with a cute courtyard where we gathered for yummy drinks before the shower.

Lauren looked darling, as always. We’re so glad to have another female in the family!!

Her aunt left no detail to chance. The flowers on the tables were from the florist who is doing their wedding flowers. They were so pretty!
flowers on table

We had little sachets with our names for place cards at the tables. So cute!
place tag favors

My sister, of course, would not let me get a photo of her…but we expect that now, don’t we??
my sister

Caught my mom when she wasn’t looking.

The food was so yummy and set up so cute. They used glass blocks and sheets of glass on the serving tables. Very cute. Must steal that idea for my next party…
cute cupcakes

More photos on Facebook.

We’re getting excited about the wedding now!! October 6th! Not long now!!