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georgia beaches

St. Simons Island

by Kay~Kacey on 9/30/2010

We love to explore new places, so we next headed out to St. Simons Island off the coast of Georgia. We wanted to see what some of the Georgia islands were like.


We stayed at St. Simons Inn by the Lighthouse. It has individually owned condos but we reserved the room through the Inn. Our room was very nice. The staff was nice. It was clean.


The island was cute with lots of live oaks lining their streets.


The beaches we saw there were kind of ho-hum and marshy. I’m not sure what they were like on the other side of the island. We walked around this area with its shops and restaurants and ended up at the Iguana Restaurant. Twice. Lunch and Dinner. Enjoyed really cold Yuengling Beer. Just sayin’ you might want to try it if you go to St. Simons! It’s in the Pier Village area of the island in walking distance of where we stayed.


There was this little park area by the pier. That night when we were walking around, there was an outdoor wedding reception at the edge of this park area. We took advantage of the music and danced in the park. :love:


They have a cool lighthouse so I was able to get my lighthouse photo fix. :dance:

We had a great time. (notice the trend) but I doubt we’d stay on the island again, but we’d sure swing buy and eat at the Iguana Seafood Restaurant again! We also drove to Jekyll Island (you have to pay to get on the island) and not much is right on the beach, so we marked that island off of places to stay too. We did a lot of that on this trip.