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In Search of the Perfect Lighthouse Photo

by Kay~Kacey on 9/23/2009

Outer Banks Lighthouses.

Okay, so there are a bunch of lighthouses around The Outer Banks. I, of course, was in search of the perfect lighthouse photo. Let me just skip to the end of the story…I did not find it…


It was a hazy early morning when we went by this lighthouse. Why, oh, why do they put up those big towers right near the lighthouse? Don’t they know they are positively ruining a perfect photo op?? Well, yes, if the sky had been bluer, and not so much haze, I would have spent the time to photoshop out all the garbage stuff in this photo.


This photo is okay, but I sure wouldn’t call it a perfect lighthouse photo. This one is the Bodie Island Lighthouse. We pulled off the highway and grabbed this shot.


This is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. You could see its light flashing at night where we stayed. A pretty lighthouse, but no real way to get near it to grab a photo without cars around it. Oh, and people up in the top of it. Kind of detracts from the whole perfect lighthouse shot, doesn’t it? I do love the base of it.

We decided to go drive around a bit and see if we could get a shot of it from the other side…


Okay, that’s doable, but I still don’t like the look of everyone hanging out on the observation deck of the lighthouse. Oh, and you can’t see the cute base of it.


Here I tried to do an artsy shot through the trees…but SuperGuy moved the car right when I took it. :mad2:

He then said I should just climb over a fence and walk up a pathway to try and get another shot. When I started to do that, he revved up the motor of the car…I wasn’t totally convinced he wouldn’t leave me there after an hour of driving around looking for that perfect shot…


I guess this is my favorite…of the Bodie Island Lighthouse. I wish it would have been a bright blue sky day with big fluffy clouds though. Or maybe even a stormy bleak day.

Well, I don’t like any of them as much as my photo of the lighthouse we saw last summer off the coast of California on our way to Carmel.


The best thing about not capturing the perfect lighthouse photo? The quest for more lighthouse shots!