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The Great Teal Debate

by Kay~Kacey on 8/15/2012

So, we had to decide on paint colors…like RIGHT NOW. Very hard when there is nothing in the house. No flooring, no lighting, etc. But, we did what we could…

We went with a neutral wall color. Benjamin Moore Pashmina.

Benjamin Moore Pashmina

Then we wanted white trim that will closely match our white kitchen cabinets. We went with Benjamin Moore White Dove. (and is it wrong that I really wanted the white chocolate to be the best match just because I loved the name??)

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Then the trouble started. The teal color for my office which is right off the great room. We wanted a pop of color.

trying out teal colors

Brought over some of my antique plates that I like their teal colors. Put out big Benjamin Moore samples.

benjamin moore teal paint colors

Tried them in different lighting.

teal walls

Some looked way too intense, some looked a bit steely grey toned. Some leaned towards a sprucey undertone.

Surf Blue:

Benjamin Moore Surf Blue

Pacific Palisades:

Benjamin Moore Pacific Palisades

Blue Lake

Benjamin Moore Blue Lake

Who knew picking a teal shade would be so very, very hard???

And the winner is: Florida Keys Blue…which looks more blue than this sample, but I’m still not sure it is what I want. I think I want it more blue. SuperGuy is planning on putting up beadboard in the office for me, so we can repaint then after we live with this color for awhile.

Benjamin Moore Florida Keys Blue

We made a ton of decisions this last week. It’s fun, but I’m so afraid it won’t all come together, you know?  I’ll share some of our lighting and faucet choices soon.