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St. Louis Photography

Stuck in Traffic – St. Louis Arch

by Kay~Kacey on 8/23/2011

So we got stuck in a huge traffic jam coming into St. Louis from the Illinois side this weekend. Why was I so happy about it? Because I got some awesome shots of the arch and a blimp flying around as we sat there on the bridge.

gateway to the west-St. Louis arch

SuperGuy was thrilled with me. “Scoot up a couple of feet. Don’t let that truck get beside us!! It will block my view!!” “You don’t mind if I roll down the window for a bit in this 95 degree weather do you, honey?” :hysterical:

St Louis Photography Arch

I was so excited to the get blimp “inside” the arch!! Now I’m motivated to go downtown and get more shots of the city. I’m sure SuperGuy will be thrilled! 😉  Though maybe I could talk him into one of our photo competitions…