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Sometimes it is so Exciting

by Kay~Kacey on 7/12/2010

To have your first loose tooth!


Lexi. I adore her. She was in town for The Geeky One’s wedding. She had her first loose tooth! Very exciting!


She was showing it to everyone!


Here is her cute and adorable mother. The girl I would take as my own, if her mother would give her up. If I had a daughter…it would be Katie.  Oh, and I’d get Lexi in the deal as a granddaughter. I’m just sayin’ Okay, I’d want Katie’s sister Kari too. I’m greedy like that.


Cupcakes are so yummy, aren’t they?

…and in case you were wondering. She did lose her tooth a few days later. They even sent me a photo. Unfortunately it’s on my dead iphone…so, Katie, if you see this, send it to me again!