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Sunset Hills Tornado

by Kay~Kacey on 1/3/2011

Wow, way to ring out the old year. You might have seen some photos on the national news. Sunset Hills, here in St. Louis, got nailed by a tornado. About ten minutes from my house…and, oh by the way…where my parents live. :shakehead:

Right after the bad storm blows through, I check online…and see a reporter broadcasting from the main intersection by my parents’ house. Trees down. Lines down. Windows blown out. I immediately call my parents, but no answer. I jump in the car and it takes FOREVER to get there because of downed trees and powerlines, police everywhere. Finally get over to their house, and SO relieved to see it still standing…and it had it’s roof. I run into the house calling for them. You know, totally under control… :hysterical:  They were fine, if a bit stressed out. :love2:

The yard was a mess though. Sections of fence, trees, glass, shingles and more shingles. Siding. Branches. Oh, a TRAMPOLINE. Here are some shots the boys took of my parents’ neighborhood when they all came over to help clean up the mess that was my parents’ yard. :heart:

remains of trampoline

Some of the things we were dragging to the front yard to be hauled away.

tornado damage Sunset Hills

Some of their neighbors had a lot more damage than my folks did. (a neighbor’s house)

sunset hills tornado Dec 31, 2010

Other damage in the neighborhood.

sunset hills tornado

Across the street from my parents’.

board in tree from tornado

Lots of stuff hanging around up in the trees. My parents have siding, broken limbs…and insulation that we’ll need to get someone out to get it down.

cutting down treesSuperGuy did have a good time playing with his chainsaw! Luckily no one was hurt, even though it did take out one whole neighborhood behind them. Lots of damage in the area, but, very thankful no one was seriously hurt. We’ll get someone out to check out their roof and replace shingles, but luckily they had minimal damage to their house.

I’ll leave you with one of the more interesting sights of the day:

macaw in truck