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Adventures in Gardening

by Kay~Kacey on 7/16/2012

I just want to show you this green pepper while I can…

green pepper in gardenIsn’t she pretty? Well, green peppers don’t agree with SuperGuy, but I thought I’d grow some for me…’cause I love them. So, of course I took this pretty picture of the pepper. Then waited a week to pick it. Yup. A bit rotted on the bottom a week later, doggoneit! ..but I’m still going to stuff it and eat gosh darn it!!! I’m not going to let it go the way of my green beans!!! ┬áThe deer stripped the green beans clean the next day.

Yes, I’m detecting a trend. Photograph something in the garden and it’s gone or ruined in a few days… I could leave my camera inside when I go check the garden…maybe….