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The Greening of Mizzou

by Kay~Kacey on 7/22/2009

Oh, yes, big announcement!!


Mizzou is going Green. Which would be a nice announcement, I guess. I’m all for going green, recycling, saving energy…



Does anyone find it terribly strange…if not down right wrong… that Mizzou sent out a mailer with FOUR pages and TWO envelopes to make this big Mizzou is Going Green announcement?? :wallbash:

Just saying.


New Dorm Room

by Kay~Kacey on 1/24/2009

First a little bit of a rant. Mizzou had record enrollment this year. Okay, so what do they do??? They CLOSE one of their dorms for renovation…in the middle of the year. 400? freshman are thrown from their rooms and scattered across campus to new rooms. Now, I realize it was some kind of financial/future planning decision…but really not great for these kids who were just getting adjusted to college life.

Well, yes, now that you ask…The Impish One was one of these kids thrown out of his dorm. They didn’t know where they would end up until they got an email in the middle of Christmas break. The Impish One was assured he’d still be with his roommate though.

new dorm room

You know where this is headed, right??

dorm desk

They split up The Impish One and his roommate. 🙄 He’s in “off campus on campus housing”. :crazy2: Which means Mizzou leased out some apartments but considers it on campus…but you take a bus to campus. :wallbash: These are 4 bedroom apartments with a living room/kitchen. Oh, and did I mention, as an added bonus they were more $$$ than the on campus dorm they closed. Special.

dorm pantry

He doesn’t know his new roommates from Adam. Well, yes, this IS his pantry. On the top shelf of his closet. He’s seen his new roommates about twice so far. Wonderful.

dorm view

Might I also mention? His old roommate has an empty room in his new place. (he’s also now in the “off campus on campus” housing.) But the university won’t let The Impish One move into the empty room. “Because no one can move until after January 29. It’s a rule.”

Then they told my son…they might move someone ELSE into that vacant room in his old roommate’s apartment. You know, instead of moving The Impish One in there…WITH HIS ROOMMATE. Who he was assured he’d get to live with.

There are times when I’m totally sure that the left hand of the university has no idea of what the right hand is doing. While I know that these kids are “older” now, it still is their first time living away from home. How about making things a little easier on them, with not so many adjustments? Like, um, kicking them out of their dorms after first semester.

Well, The Impish One will survive, even if he’s not happy. He might still have a chance…you know, 3 weeks into the new semester, to move YET AGAIN. If they don’t give away the empty room in his old roommate’s apartment.

Rant over. I think.

(sorry about the lousy quality of the photos. Wrong lens for the job and onboard flash)


It’s All Over

by Kay~Kacey on 8/21/2008

Sigh. My baby is in college now. Well, he’s doing fine.

“I’m okay,” she said hopefully…

So, did you see my twitters yesterday? Oh. My. Gosh.

Set up of story: The Impish One was driving one car and I was riding shotgun with him. SuperGuy was driving our Subaru. We see SuperGuy pass this semi truck. Right then this big old semi blew out a tire right in front of us. Rubber flying everywhere. The truck starts swerving and we see it heading towards SuperGuy. The Impish One swerves to try and avoid the biggest chunk of rubber headed right at his brand new installed on Monday windshield.

The Impish One: “It’s all good. I’ve got it.”
Me: “scream”
The Impish One (as he’s driving off the side of the interstate to avoid flying stuff) “I’ve got it.”….pause… “Is that truck going to hit SuperGuy?”
Me: Hyperventilating while rubber hits the car. But the huge piece missed us, just the really big stuff hit us.
Me: “Does that truck not know what happened??” (’cause he wasn’t pulling off the road…and SuperGuy is like right beside him trying to avoid getting hit).
The Impish One: “There he goes, he’s pulling off away from SuperGuy.”

We see SuperGuy pulling off the side of the road. We’re still dodging stuff on the highway.

The Impish One: “I’m not pulling off there, I’m going to the exit.” (which we could see from there.)

We get off at the next exit, call SuperGuy (WHY didn’t HE call ME??) and tell him we got off the highway. SuperGuy pulls off at the exit and we inspect the damage. Pull rubber out of the front grill of car. Long black streaks down side of car. Some dents. We’re all shaking.

The Impish One looks at me and grins. “Well, that sure is going to make a good story for your blog… We almost died taking my youngest son to college.” 🙄 😉 :mad2:

So it’s Wednesday night as I write this. The Impish One is safely tucked away in his dorm. (or out partying. No, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. lalala :blah:

SuperGuy made me an awesome martini. My BFF is texting me with every little thing that The Impish One ever did wrong or stressed me with to cheer me up and make me appreciate he moved on with his life. 😆

Remember when he got a ticket and you found out when they sent the letter to the house?
Remember when he got Senioritis and you found out he thought it was optional to go to high school his senior year? :wallbash:


Anyway. I’m okay now. Really. Honest. Truly…

I think Heck, at this point I’m just truly thankful we’re all alive.