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Fleeting Perfect Moments in Life

by Kay~Kacey on 3/30/2008

fort morgan sand dunes
It was 2:30 am Saturday morning. We were still another half an hour from home during a 12 hour drive back from vacation. You would think that everyone would be tired and cranky. Or asleep.

I sat in the very back on the mini van. The white line of the highway stretched out in front of us dancing in the car’s headlights. The interior lights cast a low glow inside the car. Music played on the radio. The low bass voices of my son and my husband filled the car as they sang along with the music.

It was one of those moments that comes in so crystal clear. So sharply focused it took my breath away. One of those moments I’ll keep with me forever. Not a big momentous occasion. A tiny real life moment. When all is exactly right with my world and my heart is filled to over flowing.

Here’s hoping I stop and notice, really notice, more of those fleeting perfect moments in life.


Fun at the Beach

by Kay~Kacey on 3/29/2008

I’ll leave you with some random glimpses at our fun on the beach.
hiding eggs
My cousin was down here vacationing at the same time. My boys hid the eggs for my cousin’s kids to find. My boys suck at hiding eggs…

kite flying
Kite flying, of course. After you get done using the shovel for javelin throwing, all real men fly kites. (and yes it broke by the end of the week, why do you ask?? The kite, not the shovel.)


Here is The Geeky One pretending to be The Photographer One. He doesn’t fool me. I can tell them apart. I am the mom, you know.
after dinner fun

After dinner we would sit at the table and drink talk for hours. And hours. It’s so much fun to spend time with the kids. Vacations sure are different than when they were little boys!

feet in the sand

I leave you with a pic of my barefeet in the sand. I love walking on the beach.

See you back at home.


Field Trip on Vacation

by Kay~Kacey on 3/28/2008

We interrupt this blog for a public service announcement. Well, not exactly a public service announcement, but an interruption, nevertheless. The Impish One, oh son of mine? The one who didn’t have spring break this week, and stayed home? If you’re reading this? You sure better not be having parties at the house while I’m gone. You DO know that I have spies people keeping an eye on the house.

Okay, where were we? So it’s a bit too chilly and windy to spend the day at the beach. What’s a mother to do? Well, drag The Photographer Son on a photo shoot, of course! Well, he thought of it first, but I digress.
photo shoot

So off we go to Fort Morgan. A neat old fort, even if it is surrounded by electric lines and towers that just beg to be photoshopped out of all of the pictures. As an aside, notice the almost lack of hair on my son’s head. He was going to have a buzz cut. Well, one thing led to another…Good thing he’s a guy and just shrugged it off and said “it will be fine in a week.” And, yes, he is still speaking to his girlfriend who gave him the “haircut.” :mrgreen:
kacey takes pictures

Where were we? Oh, yes, here I am in one of my stylish outfits. Yes, the only sweatshirt and capris I brought. Yes, I’m well aware I was wearing the same outfit on Easter. Hey, if it’s cold and windy, this is THE thing to wear. We did have 6 people in the mini van on the way down so packed lightly. Well, except for the 4 laptops, two cameras and supplies, and fishing gear for SuperGuy. So extra clothes were given up to have room for the necessities, don’t you know. And you saw how SuperGuy only used half of a suitcase anyway!

Fort Morgan This fort had just a wealth of opportunities for good shots. The Photographer Son took better ones than I did. I keep saying it’s because he has a better lens. Go with me here. It makes me feel better. Yes, most of these pics are ones he took, why do you ask? Well, not the one of him taking a picture. I took that one! It’s on the point of the Fort Morgan peninsula. You can take the ferry from the point across Mobile Bay to Mobile Alabama. Except on very windy days. Which we had two days like that.

brick road

I love digital pics. You can shoot and shoot and not keep thinking “that’s 25 cents” everytime you take a shot like you had to with film cameras. I love brick roads. They fascinate me for some reason.

sitting by the bay

Note to self, don’t wear a baseball cap when you’re taking pictures with a zoom lens. They don’t mix. Notice the stylish hat on backwards look.

So they can take away our internet, they can throw some chilly, windy weather at us, but we still manage to have a great time. Well, SuperGuy would have liked to catch some fish. Even one fish. But he says “it’s too early in the season.” Sure. 😉