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The Chives of Summer

by Kay~Kacey on 5/30/2008


Look! My chives have a flower. Okay, don’t laugh, but I didn’t know that chives bloomed. Are they supoposed too? Do you leave the bloom? Pluck it?

herbs under the snow

Remember when the poor little guy was buried under the snow??

chive flower closeup

Now it’s so pretty with its little bloom! I really should learn more about growing herbs since I love to cook with them. For now I’ll just enjoy this pretty lavender bloom right out my kitchen door. Do you guys grow herbs? What kinds? Do you grow any in containers, ’cause that’s what I’ll have to do. Our backyard is all shade, but I do get sun on the deck.

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The First Survivor

by Kay~Kacey on 3/19/2008

So following up on my Really Happy Person post. I’m happy yet again today. Why? Remember this pic just a few weeks ago from our foot of snow?

herb pots under the snow

You know, when we were supposed to get a “few inches”. Well my old herb pots were buried under the foot of snow. But Wait! There’s more!! (I should have had a career of doing informercials on the shopping networks on TV! 🙂 )

the first survivor of winter-chives

Look now! Yes, the first survivor of winter! My chives are back. Tough little fellas, aren’t they? Okay, you’ll notice the other pots are upside down, so no, I’m not expecting them to produce much this year without putting new plants in them… :coffee2: Though I do wonder, if I’d left them right side up, what else might be coming back this spring… Life lesson learned.

In other news. I’m now the eighth happiest person on the internet. What happened to being second and/or seventh?? I guess writing about how to be a really happy person made me less happy??? Now Britney is happier than I am. Who knew?? :rofl:

Herb Garden

by Kay~Kacey on 3/6/2008

Well, herb garden…almost…

herb pots

So what does any normal woman do when she’s snowed under a foot of snow? Well, plan her herb garden, of course! Well, except I can’t have a real garden. We have no sun in our backyard in the summer. A bit on the back deck, so I’m confined to container gardening. I do love to grow my herbs though. Basil. Mint for mojitos. :mrgreen: Chives. Oregano. I try just about anything and everything. I think I’ll try catnip this year. Always nice to annoy the Black Beasts. They went NUTS over the new scratching post with catnip we got them…

That’s one thing I miss about our farm out of New Orleans. We had one big, bad garden. Huge. Miss it terribly. But I get by with my container herbs. And we don’t have hurricanes here in the midwest…

We’re going to start the herbs from seeds inside this year. I’m just not banking on an early spring, you know?
herb garden under snow

As a total aside, well, not total. Just a bit aside. I really need to find a better paint to use for painting these clay pots. They looked so nice and colorful when I first painted them. You know how I love splashes of color! But now the paint is mostly peeled off. They look kind of worn and tired. (can clay pots look tired??)

So go ahead. Tell me. Do you have a wonderful garden? Full of vegetables and herbs and flowers? Let me be jealous. I’ll deal with it. I think. Do you grow herbs, and what ones are your favorites?